Promoting and supporting a childhood love for Spanish language, culture and long term bilingualism 

Key to Brilliant Bilinguals philosophy is that sessions should be FULLY IMMERSIVE (with little to no English), as studies have shown that this is the most effective way for students to acquire the target language. Also that teachers should be native so that students acquire an authentic accent. 

For children, communication is effectively achieved through setting a context, body language, gestures, pictures and puppets. Also key is that classes should be ENERGETIC and FUN, instilling a life long love for Spanish and a desire to learn, and that there should be options for beginners thru to bilingual children. In addition, the Spanish culture is integral to the thematic calendar and be explored in class.

For adults, likewise Spanish is taught in Spanish so that adults acquire as much Spanish as possible in each lesson, being able to "draw up the dots" with everything taught as it should be within its context.


Brilliant Bilinguals offers classes for babies thru to adults across Surrey and London.