Spanish Speaking Weekend Groups Homework

 Summer 2022
Spanish speaking 2 hour weekend primary groups homework
All groups please return your reading books and completed comprehension sheets each week (reading books are recycled, used by other children).  Note, if you feel that your child should be given a different level reading book please drop me an email and we will arrange.
As well as reading and completing the worksheets please have your child complete the homework below each week (this page is update by the end of each Sunday):
Dates for your diary: Saturday 16th July and Sunday 17th July 2022
Parents will be invited into the classroom for part of the lessons
in order to get a feel of what goes on in class.

Saturday 10am-12pm Primary group

7 May

  • pg 16 ex. 30 and 31 

14 May

  • pg 18 ex. 35 and 36

Sunday 10am - 12pm Green Amigos 1 book Primary group year 1/2

8 May

  • pg. 46 - ALL (the first two exercises on this page were the homework from the week before but a few parents were unclear on what the homework was so if you did not complete last week you can complete this week)

  • pg. 47 - exercise 2.

15 May

  • Complete the below handout which was also handed out in class.

Sunday 10am-12pm Yellow Amigos 2 book Primary group

8 May

  •   Homework from this and last week combined has been to complete in full three pages: pgs 58, 59, 60.

15 May

  • Page 63 - all.

Leave the uncompleted pages before which are not yet completed to be explained and completed in class.