Para niños 

Fab website recommended by a mother of a student. You can take your own lessons in topics. Select "español" on the right hand side and get learning!

Canta Juego is a great site full of catchy videos and songs for children in Spanish. Choose the heading "videos" on the site to view the different songs and videos available. A quick search on You Tube will also bring up many of these. 

Pica - Pica Oficial - YouTube

Pica Pica is such a fun and upbeat YouTube channel. Children and adults alike will enjoy watching the little acting scenarios that take place before each catchy song is introduced. A lot of fun!

Cuentos De Hadas Españoles

Story time and fairy tales in Spanish. Amazing, amazing videos!

You can download an app for children aged 4-7 where children learn Spanish through games. Children learn vocabulary and how to pronounce and spell words.

Rockalingua has many games, songs, videos and worksheets available to download.

Free Spanish lessons courtesy of the BBC!

Click on the different topics and work through the topics that interest your child.  In order to navigate, this site is most suited to a parent with some knowledge of Spanish.

This site is designed in such a way that parents can be involved in the learning process. Through the site children learn their first Spanish vocabulary and can practise listening and complete written and reading tasks.

Fab bookstore with delivery in the UK and they even have a clearance section!

This is an amazing app where children learn the basics to start reading Spanish!  As the site explains "this is NOT just a basic vocabulary Spanish app, with the use of Phonics and a step by step methodology used in many Spanish speaking countries; skills are acquired for reading in Spanish".

Interactive platform where over different levels children acquire a new set of vocab.

Duolingo for adults.  We have a number of our primary private students supplementing their tuition with playing Duolingo adult Spanish . Combined with our 1-1 and/or small group tuition this seems to be working very well.

Invaluable online translator, also available in app form.  You can type in a Spanish word and listen to the word spoken in an authentic Spanish accent.

Another tip! Simply Google "Youtube Peppa Pig español" or "Youtube Pokoyo español" you will come across lots of simple fun cartoons. The language is very simplistic and perfect for child and adult beginner learners alike.

Para adultos 

Fab website for adults and children alike to take your own lessons in Spanish and practice grammar and vocab.

Free Spanish lessons courtesy of the BBC!

Invaluable online translator, also available in app form.

Conjugation tool helping to dissect the conjugating minefield.

A helpful app where you can practise Spanish with native speakers.

Duolingo for adults.  Whilst it can never be a replacement for structured 1-1 or small group tuition following the European Framework for Foreign Languages; combined with our 1-1 and/or small group tuition this seems to be working very well.

Site of the biggest UK Latin radio station based here in the UK where you can read news and Spanish cultural and entertainment events occurring in the UK.

Official site of the Spanish national radio and TV channel where you can read news, watch TV and listen to the radio.