Through our collaboration with Spanish schools in the UK and the US we bring to you our Spanish school programme

We offer VIRTUAL as well as IN-PERSON group primary sessions, with social distancing in place. 

In-person you have the choice between a weekly 55 minute or a weekly 2 hour extended session.  You can find out more about the 2 hour extended sessions on offer here

Virtually we offer a weekly 55 minute class per level/age group (note that the exception to this is our virtual level verde (reception age) class which lasts 45 minutes as through experience we have found that that is an average reception child's optimum time of concentration).

In all of our primary classes children are set weekly homework, which serves to reinforce what they learn in class.

By the end of any given term, children are able to confidently demonstrate their acquisition of the term's communication and vocab. The content of past units is repeatedly refreshed to ensure that children's memories are keep stimulated and refreshed. 


Topics through the terms include the Classroom, the Home, the Family, Routine and Time, the Weather, the Body, Food, Hobbies, Clothes, Animals, The City, The Park, Transport and many, many more, always including basics such as colours, numbers, days and months, the alphabet, introductions, greetings and feelings.


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Find out more about our 2 hour extended options here.  

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