Friday - Autumn 2020 songs

Autumn 2020 songs
Note that we used to be able to save our playlists to our YouTube channel but recently YouTube have added restrictions preventing users from saving what they deem as "children's content" to playlists so 
until we figure out a go-round you can find the song links below:
NOTE: Song books: we removed the shared paper copy element of the Friday morning classes due to
COVID-19 but following customer feedback we will provide each of you with a copy of the song book for personal use (to take and bring with you each week).

A rorró mi niño

Abre, Cierra




Aquí Vamos luby lu


Buenos Dias

(not on youtube)



Brinca y para ya

Cabeza, hombro, rodillas, pies


Copo de nieve


Dulces sueños


En el auto de papá 

En el mar azul  


¿Estrellita dónde estás?


Hola, Hola


La vaca lola  


La madusa


La mané



Los pollitos dicen Pio Pio Pio


María tenía un canguro


Osito tiene hambre      


(song not on youtube)



Un pequeño dedo      



Veo veo un color


Viajar en tren 


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