We are thrilled to bring you our baby classes for babies 3 - 17 months, jam packed with songs and sensory props!

"Creating bilingual minds" - a very interesting video where

Dr Naja Ferjan Ramirez shares her findings with regards the

brain processing of language in infants and young children.


Join our FAB baby sessions held at our Stoneleigh classroom.


Our native teachers enthuse the youngest of our children with age appropriate simple songs, rhymes and actions, sensory props, puppets and stories in Spanish. Non-stop action and fun, and all in the target language, Spanish!

It is never too young to start introducing the youngest of our society to the sounds and fun of Spanish, and with the fun content as well as the energy of our teachers it is a fun, bonding educational experience for babies and adults alike. 


Parents are given the words and a play list to many of our songs, as well as further ideas on how to implement Spanish into yours and your child's daily routine. 


We are extremely happy to be able to offer Spanish classes to children from such an early age. For our European neighbours, foreign languages are taught from an extremely young age and we don't want the children in our community to miss out. All research shows that the best time for a child to learn a foreign language is at the same time that they are learning their dominant language, from birth. The earlier the better!

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