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Adult Events - 2021 Schedule

As well as our term time classes we like to offer regular events to socialise with like minded people and

practice conversation skills. We hope to see you at many of these events over the next year.


Our Adult Events Schedule can be viewed and all of our Adult Events can be booked through our MeetUp Group. 

* Conversation events

CONVERSATION EVENTS OF SMALL GROUPS of no more than 6 students per native teacher.

To obtain our bank details in order to pay for the events (£7 per session) please contact

View our conversation topics here in advance each week on this page:


Over the summer holidays we have three conversation events taking place as follows:

Monday 9th August 1.15-2.15pm VIRTUAL - Intermediate level


1.1. Why has Do It Yourself proved popular in the past and is it still as popular ?

1.2. Why have you opted for DIY in the past ?

1.3. What has been your most ambitious and successful project ?

1.4. What has turned into a disappointment or disaster ?

1.5. Has it become harder to find a reliable and reasonably priced decorator , plumber electrician etc ?

1.6. Has your enthusiasm for DIY increased or diminished as you got older or through experience ?

1.7. Do you have a new project in the pipe line ?

Monday 16th August 1.15-2.15pm VIRTUAL - Intermediate level

3. Working From Home

3.1. Is working from home a desirable option from the employer's point of view and why ?

3.2. Is working from home a desirable option from the employee's point of view ?

3.3. Should it be mandatory to work at a place of work rather than at home , or should employment contracts be obliged to make it optional where practical ?

3.4. Will working from home lead to the four day week ?

3.5. What do you need to be able to successfully and efficiently work from home ?

3.6. Do you think working from home will become the norm or will there be a return to the "office " and over what period of time ?

3.7. How might our cities change if a majority opt to work from home in the long term ?   

From Monday 6th September, Autumn term 2021 sessions will be as follows:

Monday 1.15-2.15pm VIRTUAL - Intermediate level

2.  Being In a Rut

2.1. What does this expression mean to you ?

2.2. What sort of ruts can a person get into ?

2.3. How easy is it to get into a rut and how difficult to get out of one ?

2.4. What technique do you employ to get out of a rut ?

2.5. Do we sometimes need the help of friends , family or colleagues , or a light bulb moment to get us out of a rut ?

2.6. Can a nation get into a Rut ?

Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm VIRTUAL - Beginner level

Friday 1.15-2.15pm IN-PERSON at Learn and Grow Tuition, 71 The Broadway, KT17 2HP - A2-B1 level