Adult Events - 2020 Schedule

As well as our term time classes we like to offer regular events to socialise with like minded people and

practice conversation skills. We hope to see you at many of these events over the next year.


Our Adult Events Schedule can be viewed and all of our Adult Events can be booked through our MeetUp Group. 

Conversation VIRTUAL events

CONVERSATION EVENTS NOW ALL HELD VIRTUALLY VIA ZOOM, IN SMALL GROUPS of no more than 5 students per native teacher.

To obtain our bank details in order to pay for the events (£7 per session) please contact

View our conversation topics here in advance each week on this page:


Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays

Monday 18 January - Intermediate conversation: 1.15pm


1. ¿Cómo te afecta la palabra primavera y solo pensar en esta temporada? 

2. ¿Cuándo comienza la primavera? 

3.¿Cuándo empieza la primavera para ti?¿Cuáles son las cosas que más notas de los primeros días de primavera? 

4. ¿Cuál es o son tus flores de primavera favoritas? 

5. ¿Quée esperas de la primavera y desde cuándo empiezas a pensar en ello? 

6. ¿A dónde te gusta ir en un día de primavera? 

7. ¿La primavera de 2021 será particularmente especial para ti? 

8. ¿Cómo te afectará la primavera física, mental y emocionalmente?


1. How does the word Spring and just the thought of this season affect you ?

2.When does Spring start ?

3. When does Spring start for you ? What are the things you notice most about the first days of Spring ?

4. What is or are your favourite Spring flowers ?

5. What are the things you look forward to about Spring and from when do you start to think about them ?

6. Where do you like to go to on a day out in Springtime ?

7. Will Spring in 2021 feel particularly special for you ?

8. How will it affect you ...physically , mentally , emotionally ?

Tuesday 19 January - Beginner conversation: 12.30pm

Pretérito Imperfecto vs Pretérito Indefinido (Both Past Simple in English). Conjugation
and uses. (It’s NECESSARY to learn the two Spanish tenses and when to use them)

Friday 22 January - Intermediate conversation: 1.15pm

The Joy Of Indoor Entertainment In Wintertime

  • At this time of year and in the Pandemic , how many hours a day do you watch television and videos ?

  • Do you listen to the radio ?

  • With regard to television how often do you watch the news ?

  • What are your favourite types of TV programmes ? eg comedy , soaps , drama , documentaries , sport , films ?

  • Do you watch Netflix and Prime ? What have you enjoyed on here ?

  • Do you watch Spanish films on Netflix or Prime or Curzon Home Cinema  ? Do you watch them with English or Spanish sub titles ?

  • How difficult do you find them to follow ?

  • Are there any films or programmes that you would recommend to others ?

Monday 25 January - Intermediate conversation: 1.15pm

The Seasons

  • Describe the season of Autumn. What do you like about this season ?

  • What do you dislike about Autumn ?

  • Describe the season of Winter. What do you dislike about this season ?

  • Now that we have passed mid Winter , are there things that you can find to like at this time of year ?

  • Describe the season of Spring ? What do like most about this time of year ? When does it begin for you ?

  • Describe the season of Summer . What do you like ( and dislike ? ) about this time of year ?  


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